PC Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hard drive?

What is a Computer Case?

What is removable storage?

What is a laptop computer?

What is a desktop PC?

What is a barebones kit?

What is a CD Burner?

What is a DVD Burner?

What is a CPU?

What is PC Memory?

What is a PC Monitor?

What is a motherboard?

What is a home network?

What is a PC video card?

What is a wireless network?

What is a power supply?

What is a memory card?

What is a gaming hardware?

How does a cathode ray tube work?

Do any disadvantages exist with having a CRT?

What is the best way to shop for a new computer monitor?

What Size Computer Monitor Should You Select?

How much is too much for a computer monitor?

How important is computer monitor resolution?

What is a monitor's refresh rate?

How can I keep my monitor in good condition?

Would it help to use an energy star approved monitor?

What is color depth?

How can I tell if my monitor has a latency period?

What would I need to attach my monitor to my computer?

Are wireless monitors very popular?

Can you tell me a little more about form factors?

motherboards, cpu, intel motherboard, motherboard connections, computer motherboard

Which components are attached to the motherboard?

What are some tips on maintaining my motherboard?

Is there anything I can do to make my CPU last longer?

When and who invented the first CPU chip?

Can you tell me more about the Intel Celeron microprocessor?

My computer has an AMD processor. Can you tell me what this means?

What is the difference between Intel's Pentium and Celeron processors?

What are motherboard bridges?

Someone mentioned the phrase "CPU cache". What does this mean?

What is overclocking a processor and should I consider doing this?

What are dual inline packages? What does is meant by 256 MB of memory?

What memory modules are available?

What is dynamic random access memory?

Can you tell me information about SDRAM?

Is DDR SDRAM an improvement over SDRAM?

What is RDRAM?

How does EDO RAM compare to FPM RAM?

What is fast page mode random access memory?

What is the latest product in DDR RAM technology?

When Should I Upgrade My Memory?

Is there free memory testing software available?

How does a computer technician upgrade my memory?

The computer cannot read my new memory! How do I fix this?

Should I consider using tape drives for storage?

What are the benefits of a removable hard drive?

How much does a laptop cost?

Can a laptop do the same job as a desktop?

What is the difference between the various types of laptop screens?

Should I buy a CD-ROM or a DVD-ROM drive?

How much space should my new laptop have?

What is the minimum amount of memory to purchase for my laptop?

What is the maximum amount of memory to purchase for my laptop?

Where can I find laptop deals online?

Is a proper laptop case needed when traveling?

How can I make my laptop secure?

My laptop has never crashed before. Should I still consider backing it up?

Can I improve the life of my laptop?

Why is a laptop warranty important?

Where can I find used laptops or notebooks online?

What is a refurbished laptop?

How can I prevent my wrists from hurting while typing?

Do wireless keyboards really exist?

Should I buy the cheapest mouse available?

How will my new mouse connect to my computer?

How do I decide if a mouse is comfortable?

What features can I look forward to with a new mouse?

How do I choose the right scanner?

How will my scanner interface with my computer?

How would I know if my computer can support a scanner?

What can I expect when shopping for a printer?

I would like to buy new equipment for my computer. Any suggestions?

Should I purchase computer speakers?

Why would I ever need a modem?

What are the different types of modems available?

How do surge protectors work?

Where to can I buy a desktop computer?

How Much Would You Like To Spend?

How Is The Desktop PC to be used?

How can I choose the right software?

How much space should my new computer have?

What are multimedia computers?

There is so much to choose from! How do I make my selection?

Would it be a beneficial to lease a computer?

Are computer warranties worth it?

How can spyware affect my desktop computer?

Are free antispyware tools available?

My computer is frozen! How do I fix this?

Should I buy a new computer or upgrade my current one?

I love recyclying. Can an old computer be recycled or donated?

How to select the right cpu cooling fan?

How should I monitor the CPU temperature?

My cpu cooling fan is noisy! Should I replace it?

When should I format my hard drive?

Is defragmenting my hard drive a good idea?

How important is data recovery?

Does Windows XP have a disk cleanup utility?

What are bad sectors and how do I detect them?

How would I connect my sound card to my computer?

Can my sound card be upgraded?

How do you I fix my sound card?

What Is DirectX and is it compatible with my video card?

How much would I spend on a new video card?

Is it better to buy an assembled computer or barebones kit?

What are the hottest selling barebones kits?

What is the cost of buying a barebones kit?

Why is it important to read the outside of the barebones kit?

How do CD burners actually work?

How can I use windows media player?

What exactly is Nero 7?

How can I determine what CD burner I have?

My friend mentioned I should use LightScribe. What is it and how do I use it?

Why upgrade to a DVD burner?

How do I calculate the speed of my DVD burner?

Where can I find affordable computer parts?

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