Choosing Between Pentium and Celeron Computers

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What is the difference between Intel's Pentium and Celeron processors?

Choosing Between Pentium and Celeron Computers

If you are preparing a trip to the computer store and not sure how to choose between a Pentium or Celeron CPU, there are a few small differences to take note of. First of all, the Celeron has as its core a Pentium 4 processor. Another notable difference is the decrease in cache memory that Celeron computers have when compared to Pentium computers. Overall, Pentiums will generally have higher clock and bus speeds when tested against Celeron computers.



3/12/2008 9:56:17 PM
qeny said:

Both Pentium and Celeron are lines of products, not single products. Not all Celeron processors have the core of a Pentium 4.

The biggest difference between a Celeron processor and a Pentium from the same time is the quantity of cache memory. In some cases, when compromising between cache size and clock speed, paying for a larger cache is better, as a larger cache does not significantly increase the heat output of a processor.


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