Choosing The Right Scanner

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How do I choose the right scanner?

Choosing The Right Scanner

There are three basic types of scanners to choose from, and the one that is right for you will depend on how the scanner will be used.

Flatbed scanners are the most well known. They are constructed using a glass plate, and the object to be scanned is placed face down onto this glass plate. The scanner head will scan the book, photo, or document and transmit the scan image to the computer.

The second type of scanner is the Sheet Fed Scanner. This is often used in offices to scan documents or business cards. Instead of placing the document face down on a glass plate, the document is pulled through the scanner and a copy of the document is transmitted to the computer.

Handheld scanners were welcomed with open arms when they were first introduced. Think carefully about buying a handheld scanner when you would like to scan only different parts of a document and not the whole page. This will save time and allow you to compile reports faster. Usually a handheld scanner is quite small and resembles a pen.



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