Unfreezing Your Computer

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My computer is frozen! How do I fix this?

Unfreezing Your Computer

There are various things you can do to troubleshoot a desktop PC that keeps “freezing”. When a computer is referred to as being “frozen” this means that regardless of what key you press, the computer fails to respond.

The first tip for dealing with a frozen desktop is to figure out how the computer froze in the first place. Usually a computer will freeze after you have executed a certain command. This command could be something as simple as opening up a new file or installing new software.

If this constantly happens, try installing the software you recently installed and see if the computer still “freezes up”.

Another reason a computer can freeze is due to viruses and spyware. It is suggested that you reboot the computer using CTRL-ALT-DEL and running your antivirus or spyware program from Safe Mode.

A third reason why your system might be unresponsive could be due to hardware conflicts. By browsing in Device Manager, it will be possible to see any hardware that is having problems. Removing this hardware and rebooting should rectify the problem.



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