Defragment a Hard Drive

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Is defragmenting my hard drive a good idea?

Defragment a Hard Drive

Defragment is a tool within Microsoft Windows that allows the user to arrange data in a more ordered fashion. It is believed that as we open programs on the hard drive, sections of the programs are scattered onto different areas of the hard drive. The defragmenter will put the sections of the files together and “free up” more space on the hard drive.

To defrag your hard drive in Windows XP, follow these simple commands,

Click ‘Start' on the desktop, and then click ‘All Programs'. Afterwards go to ‘Accessories', and over to ‘System Tools', and double click on Disk ‘Defragmenter'.

The Disk Defragmenter program opens showing all the hard drives available to defragment. You can choose to ‘Analyze' a drive to see if it needs to be defragged, or go straight to defragmenting the drive you selected.

The neat feature with using disk defragmenter is that it gives you the ability to see the amount of disk space that is being used before and after you defrag.



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