The Disk Cleanup Utility

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Does Windows XP have a disk cleanup utility?

The Disk Cleanup Utility

A handy feature in Windows XP operating system is the Disk Cleanup Utility. This utility allows the computer user to remove unwanted files for multiple areas with a single click. The Disk Cleanup Utility can be reached by going to the ‘Start' menu, then highlighting ‘Accessories', ‘System Tools', and finally ‘Disk Cleanup'.

A window opens asking you to select the drive you would like to cleanup. Usually it will show all of the hard drives on your computer. Select the drive you would like to clean and press ‘OK'.

Another window opens showing areas where files can be deleted safely. These areas include folders on the drive such as Downloaded Program Files, Offline Web Pages, and the Recycle Bin. Highlight with a checkmark the areas you would like to cleanup and press ‘OK'.

The Disk Cleanup Utility will confirm if you are sure you would like to ‘perform these actions'. Press ‘Yes' again to accept and it will remove the unwanted files from your hard drive, emptying the areas you highlighted.



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