Popular CD Burning Software: Nero 7 Ultra Edition

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What exactly is Nero 7?

Popular CD Burning Software: Nero 7 Ultra Edition

Nero 7 Ultra Edition is another popular burning software. It retails for approximately $80 and gives the user the ability to burn CDs, DVDs, and create home videos while providing full audio, photo, and video support.

After installation, to burn an audio CD in Nero 7 Ultra Edition software, start by clicking on the music Audio symbol on the Nero StartSmart page.

This will open up the Audio page with options to choose from such as “Make Audio CD,” “Play Audio,” and “Convert Audio CDs to Nero Digital Audio”.

Choose the “Make Audio CD” button, then select “Add” button to add the songs you want to burn.

The next steps are to choose from pertain to how you would like the CD burned. Make sure to give your CD a title, and select the "Write Method".

Afterwards, selecting the number of copies, choose “Burn” to begin making your audio CD.



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