Upgrading to a DVD Burner

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Why upgrade to a DVD burner?

Upgrading to a DVD Burner

There are many people who prefer to use CD drives and not upgrade to a DVD burner. However, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider using a DVD burner instead of using a CD.

The first benefit to burning DVDs is the amount of space they are able to hold. DVDs provide more value for your money because they are able to hold approximately four gigabytes of information, while a CD can hold only seven hundred megabytes.

The second benefit to upgrading to a DVD burner is the speed at which a DVD burns compared to a CD. Most DVD burners can burn at 1,352 Kilobytes per second whereas a CD drive burns at only 150 Kilobytes per second.

A third reason to consider upgrading to a DVD burner is the ability of some DVD burners to be able to burn a normal CD. However, this opposite is not true with CD burners being able to burn a DVD.

Based on this, there seems to be fewer reasons why anyone would not want to upgrade to a DVD burner.



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