It's All About Connecting

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Do Blu-ray drives connect the same as DVD?

It's All About Connecting

When moving into the new realm of high definition with Blu-ray drives for your computer, there are four letters that you must remember. HDMI. This stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. These cables and ports look very similar to USB and are different than the normal connections for CD/DVD burners.

When installing one of these drives in your computer or buying a system that comes with one, HDMI is the only way you will be able to connect it to a high definition television or projector. So check to see if your high definition television supports HDMI. Newer ones should have this connection, though slightly older ones may only use component cables. These cables would work fine on a separate Blu-ray player, but the computer drives need HDMI in order to output in high definition.

One of the best things about having a Blu-ray drive in your computer is that you can connect it to your TV for the best viewing experience. It would also be a good idea to upgrade your monitor as well. For desktops, I would go with at least a 22-inch screen. Stay above 15.4 inches for laptops, though 17 -inch screens would be better.



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