Wireless Devices Can Cut Back on the Clutter

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Are a bunch of wires making a mess of your workspace?

Wireless Devices Can Cut Back on the Clutter

It is very easy to let your computer desk get overrun by wires and other devices. Wireless mice and computer keyboards help to limit the clutter at your desk. If your desktop or laptop PC is Bluetooth capable any Bluetooth wireless mouse will work. If your machine does not support Bluetooth you can still use a wireless mouse, but it will be a different type.

You will need a mouse that comes with a small USB attachment. The USB device will plug into your computer, just like a portable flash drive would, and broadcast a signal to the mouse. Mice that are used in this manner often have a secondary function as a remote for controlling PowerPoint slides and other presentation programs.

Wireless technologies are constantly improving, and as this happens the range at which you can operate Bluetooth devices in conjunction with your computer increases. However, some radio frequencies and Bluetooth devices can cause minor disruptions in WiFi signals, so you may have to test devices through trial and error until WiFi signals are no longer susceptible to such interruptions.



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