Keep the Noise Down

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Is your computer making too much noise?

Keep the Noise Down

Come on Feel the Noise may have been a charts-topping song in the early 80s, but it is not something you should be looking for in your computer case. That is why there are many noise-dampening solutions that can make the machine you are building as quiet as a child in time out.

Ironically, the fans that you use to regulate the air temperature inside the case are the very things that produce most of the noise coming out of the machine. Since these fans are necessary, another solution to dampen the noise is needed. The material the case was made from is one factor, but there are other measures you can take.

You can spend a little more money on a high quality fan that emits less noise. This is a very good idea for the long-term. The type of mounting material used for the fans and motherboard are often some form of metal screws. There are rubber alternatives that can be purchased and used in their place. These will reduce the vibrations inside the computer case. Vibration can also damage computer components, so these alternatives will protect you computer as well as keep the noise down.



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