Media-Machine Webcams

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Do you have a webcam?

Media-Machine Webcams

When building a strong multi-media machine, an important computer part you need is a webcam. Some monitors may have them built in, but if not you will need an external one. You can get a basic webcam for as low as $10, but if you want a much higher quality product you can get an impressive one closer to the $100 mark.

Made by Logitech, the QuickCam Orbit AF has a 2.0 Megapixel sensor with a motorized tracking Carl Zeiss lens. This camera will take 8 Megapixel still images as well as fine quality video and has an embedded microphone for sound. The QuickCam connects to your system via USB 2.0, and is reasonably priced at There are models in all other price ranges if this model is more than you need.



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