Tools of the Trade

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Do you own a PC Tool Kit?

Tools of the Trade

If you built your own computer system, you may already have a PC Tool Kit. These kits are designed to provide you with every type of tool that might be needed during computer maintenance. With this kit you will be able to get at any computer parts you need.

When performing upgrades on your machine, it is better to not use a steak knife as a screwdriver or tongs as pliers. Use the real thing and the process will go a lot smoother. Most of these kits will also come with a grounding wristband of some kind. This is so you do not end up frying your motherboard and everything within five feet with static electricity. If the kit did not come with one, make sure buy it separately. You do not want to open your computer case for any repairs or upgrades without that wristband.

Keep the kit in a dry place and make sure that none of the tools start to get any rust on them. If you start seeing rust, it is time for a new tool kit. That is one of the last things you want coming into contact with the inside of your desktop. It comes in a close second behind a fishbowl full of water, sans the fish.



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