Let the Sound Surround You

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Do you have a sound system for your gaming computer?

Let the Sound Surround You

One of the most important, yet overlooked, elements of video gaming and home theater is surround sound. Most people who do not own a massive television think that there is no need for a surround sound system. With gaming computers surround sound makes the experience so much more entertaining.

When you have that 5.1 speaker system set up and playing a game you will notice the difference right off the bat. When someone is sneaking up on you and you hear their footsteps from behind, it is because that sound is actually coming out of the rear speakers. The proper sound system can create a 360-degree gaming environment and place you smack in the center.

The low rumble of an explosion coming out of that subwoofer will practically make you duck and cover at your desk. Gaming is as much about the audio as it is about the visual. Have one without the other and you do not have the full experience. Put them together and computer games will feel more real than ever.

Sound systems do not have to break the bank anymore. Entry level ones start at $60, while you can get top tier systems for $270. You are cheating yourself if you have a gaming computer without a worthy sound system.



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