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Upgrade to Vista but didn't upgrade your RAM?

Everything Is Connected

When building or upgrading your computer keep a few things in mind. First, RAM has to be compatible with your motherboard. DDR RAM will not interface with a motherboard designed only for DDR2 RAM. So make sure to match the configurations.

Second, check the speed of your RAM and make sure it does not exceed that of your motherboard. Being that the two are designed to work in conjunction, installing memory faster than the motherboard can handle is a waste of money.

Third, if you are upgrading from Windows XP to Vista you will need more RAM. Vista is a more complex operating system, but one that will run fine with the right amount of memory. A common mistake is upgrading from XP, which could easily run on 512 MB or 1 GB, but not upgrading the RAM. For Vista, you should have 2GB or more to run smoothly.

Finally, just like your processor, graphics card and other components, think about what you value the most. Gaming? Short boot time? Multi-tasking? All of these factor into what type of RAM and how much is ideal for you. The leg bone is connected to the hip bone ...



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