Cache Is Money

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Do you know what L1 and L2 cache do for you?

Cache Is Money

Another type of memory used by your computer is called cache memory. Cache is built into your processor or located right next to it. Simply put, this type of computer memory stores commands that are repeatedly used to run programs. So commands that you execute most often are stored in your processors cache so that they can be executed much faster.

If the cache is located in the processor itself, it is called L1. If it is located on a chip next to the processor, it is called L2. Memory designated L1 will be faster, but both will be substantially faster than RAM by at least double. The more RAM and cache memory your computer has, the more efficiently you will see your day-to-day tasks executed.

When buying a computer, look for L1 and L2 cache in the specifications. The price will go up a bit the higher this number goes, but it is worth it to the overall performance of your new computer.



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