LCD Meets Laptop

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can LCD display high definition?

LCD Meets Laptop

LCD has become the standard for laptop screens over the past couple of years. With new anti-reflective coatings, deeper blacks and brighter whites, increased contrast ratios, and true-to-life color reproduction, using a laptop is an entirely different experience than it used to be. Watching video on these screens is as close to a theater experience as a notebook can get.

Before LCD monitors, laptop displays were a 4:3 ratio. Now they come in 16:9 widescreen for a more cinematic feel. Gaming can now be enjoyed on notebook computers, not just powerhouse desktops. Top of the line graphics card developers like Nvidia are putting some of their strongest cards into notebook computers because of these high quality displays.

Some LCD flat screens can even showcase high definition video through the notebooks' built-in Blu-ray drives, garnering recognition as true multi-media machines. LCD technology advancements in the next year are expected to make even bigger leaps forward than they have to date.



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