Protecting Your Privacy

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Do you want to stop people from reading personal information off your screen?

Protecting Your Privacy

For owners of notebook PCs with LCD displays, there is an accessory designed specifically to guard your privacy. The privacy filter is a thin sheet that is secured over your screen. Once the filter is in place, it blacks out the screen from side views. So if you are sitting on a train or park bench and do not want people reading personal information off your screen, the privacy filter will stop them from doing exactly that. Now the laptop screen is only visible to the person directly in front of it.

The filter does not cause any distortion of images on your screen. It will, however, help protect the LCD display from fingerprints, scratches and other forms of damage. The privacy filter can easily be applied and removed, and will stay in place even when the laptop is closed.

You can even leave the filter on and watch a DVD on your computer. The movie will appear as if there was nothing at all on the screen. You will be able to use the notebook just like you normally would every day with no difference, except no one else will see your screen.



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