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Where can I find affordable computer parts?

Finding Affordable Computer Parts

Anyone interested in buying affordable computer parts can first start by calling around to various electronics store. Another way to find affordable computer parts is to ask friends for a recommendation.

It is also possible to receive a recommendation on where to buy affordable computer parts by asking questions in computer technology forums. There many message boards or forums established where veteran computer owners will take the time to answer novice questions. This is also a good place to enquire about finding affordable computer parts.

What is a barebones kit?

The mini-barebones basics

If you don't want your computer shaping in to something too big you might want to think of a new shape. Mini-barebones kits feature a cube case instead of the standard tower case. It's square shape makes it perfect for the space conscious. However, before buying make sure whatever you add will fit inside the case. Plus, be wary of adding too much. It's smaller shape might ‘cause your overcrowded system to overheat.

What is a barebones kit?

Not for the techno-novice

For most, the best route to go when buying a computer is getting as much of the whole package as you can afford. This will eliminate guesswork. However, if you know what your doing (and have the software) a barebones kit might be the best way to go. Kits like the Soyo K7VME Socket cost next to nothing, and come with almost everything. Leaving you to add the processor, the screen and any peripherals (like a printer). Basically buying barebones saves cash to use towards creating the ultimate customized computer.

Is it better to buy an assembled computer or barebones kit?

Computer vs. Barebones Kit

A barebones kit is a practical way to build a new computer system.

The advantage of using a barebones kit is that it saves money to buy a kit with only the minimum hardware installed. Afterwards, cheaper parts can be added to the rest of the kit to build the new computer. In this way, barebones kits make owning a computer very affordable.

Another dvantage to buying a barebones kit instead of buying an already assembled computer is how easy it is to assemble the components of a computer. Barebones kits come with instructions, and as long as the person can clearly understand the instructions, they can assemble and start enjoying their new computer in record time!

What is a barebones kit?

The mother of all problems avoided

If you are going back and fourth between creating a computer from the "bottom up" or a "barebones kit" this might sway you. Both are cheaper than the full package jobbies. However, even though you might save a bit more cash with the do-it-yourself computer you'll spend a lot more time with assembly. The benefits of the barebones computer is the motherboard is already in place. This alone causes the most problems (for even the experts) during computer construction.

What is the cost of buying a barebones kit?

Barebones Kit Costs

Paying for a barebones kit is actually quite affordable, and this is why some people choose to buy a barebones unit rather than a buying a fully intact computer.

Usually barebones kits range between $100 - $400 dollars, depending on what rebates or sales are available. The Mach Speed K8M8MS kit retails for around $300 dollars while in comparison the Asus K8V-X barebones kit retails for around $280.

The best advice for getting a barebones kit you can afford is to call around and compare prices of different vendors before deciding on the most affordable one.

Why is it important to read the outside of the barebones kit?

Read the Outside of the Box

By reading the outside of the barbones kit box, you can see what the kit contains and which computer parts are lacking. It will be quite frustrating to be “knee-deep” in putting the barebones kit together, and find that parts are missing because they are not included in the kit. So before you purchase a kit, make sure you have all the necessary PC components.

What is a barebones kit?

Pitfalls of putting it together

When going barebones be prepared for the worse. Things can go wrong. It happens. Components might not fit in the case. Cards might not be compatible. To help alleviate this problem buy a barebones kit from a place you trust. If you never shopped there do research on the net or ask a friend.

What is a barebones kit?

Bare minimum for a barebones

How can you get your barebones computer for even more of a bargain? Look into buying refurbished parts. A refurbish computer is an item that was returned for problems, then fixed to be good as new. In some cases it might work better than the original part. However, before buying refurbished parts make sure the dealer is reliable. Also, be sure the refurbished computer comes with a warrantee just in case the part wasn't refurbished right.

What are the hottest selling barebones kits?

Deciding On The Right Barebones Kit

The most popular selling barebones kit is the Mach Speed K8M8MS. This kit comes with a Mach Speed Socket 754 MicroATX Motherboard, an AMD Athlon 64 processor, 1 GB of DDR 400 MHz memory, and a cooler fan, a Raidmax XB ATX black tower case, keyboard, and optical mouse.

The second barebones kit that has become a hot selling item is the Biostar M7NCG 400 barebones kit. The Just4PC 747 computer case includes the Biostar M7NCG 400 motherboard, an AMD Sempron processor, and a cooling fan.

The third hot selling barebones kit is the Asus K8V-X SE barebones kit. This kit comes complete with a Raidmax XB Black ATX tower case, an Asus K8V-X SE motherboard, an AMD Athlon 64 processor, a cooling fan, and 512 megabytes of DDR memory.

Based on these top selling barebone kits, it is the no wonder why the Mach Speed K8M8MS barebones kit is the most popular, especially because it can be purchased with a keyboard and optical mouse.

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