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Do Blu-ray drives connect the same as DVD?

It's All About Connecting

When moving into the new realm of high definition with Blu-ray drives for your computer, there are four letters that you must remember. HDMI. This stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. These cables and ports look very similar to USB and are different than the normal connections for CD/DVD burners.

When installing one of these drives in your computer or buying a system that comes with one, HDMI is the only way you will be able to connect it to a high definition television or projector. So check to see if your high definition television supports HDMI. Newer ones should have this connection, though slightly older ones may only use component cables. These cables would work fine on a separate Blu-ray player, but the computer drives need HDMI in order to output in high definition.

One of the best things about having a Blu-ray drive in your computer is that you can connect it to your TV for the best viewing experience. It would also be a good idea to upgrade your monitor as well. For desktops, I would go with at least a 22-inch screen. Stay above 15.4 inches for laptops, though 17 -inch screens would be better.

How do region codes affect computer DVD drives?

How Will Region Codes Affect My Choice of DVD Drive?

Region coding for DVD movies can sometimes be a nuisance. DVDs are typically encoded with a specific region, meaning that they will only play in DVD players or drives manufactured in that zone. This is a way for movie studios to control release dates and content on the discs. Some discs are region-free, meaning they can play no matter where the machine was manufactured.

When purchasing a DVD you can see the code, usually somewhere on the bottom of the back cover, that will tell you which countries it was meant for. Region codes for DVDs will be 1 through 8, or say ALL. Blu-ray codes are different, though. There are only three regions for this format: A, B or C. For North America the DVD code is 1, and for Blu-ray it is A.

Many computers purchased in stores with internal DVD drives will be set to a specific region. For laptop computers, it is becoming more common for the region to be initially left open and require the customer to select it once they purchase and set up the machine. Some laptops will also allow you to change the region code, a feature designed more for people who travel and purchase a computer in a country other than their own. Many computers with this function will only let you change the region three times and then lock on the third one, so be aware of that catch.

How do I calculate the speed of my DVD burner?

Calculating DVD Burner Speed

To calculate the actual speed your DVD drive will burn at, it is necessary to multiply the drive speed by the rate at which the data is read and copied.

For example a 4X drive will have an actual speed of 4 X 1352 Kilobytes per second or 5,408 Kilobytes per second.

Using this formula it is possible to calculate the actual speed for a DVD burner.

How can I determine what CD burner I have?

Determine Your Brand of CD Burner

If you are not sure what brand of CD burner is installed in your computer, you can use check this in a simple way.

First, click on the “Start” button on the Windows XP desktop. Then go to “All Programs”.

From “All Programs” select “Accessories” then “System Tools”, and click on “System Information”.

The “System Information” window will open, and after clicking “Components”, select CD-ROM.

The information that shows within the window will report to you information such as the description, manufacturer, name and status of the CD drive installed on your computer

What is a CD Burner?

CD Burner: Feel the burn

When people refer to copying a CD as burning they're actually give an accurate description of the process. It doesn't matter if it's a dissertation on Socrates or a compilation of your favorite 80s hair band metal song. It's all done the same way. CD Writers are basically juiced up CD players which gives then the power to literally engrave any type of data onto a CD. To make sure your burn goes smoothly make sure you have quit out of all of your other applications.

Why upgrade to a DVD burner?

Upgrading to a DVD Burner

There are many people who prefer to use CD drives and not upgrade to a DVD burner. However, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider using a DVD burner instead of using a CD.

The first benefit to burning DVDs is the amount of space they are able to hold. DVDs provide more value for your money because they are able to hold approximately four gigabytes of information, while a CD can hold only seven hundred megabytes.

The second benefit to upgrading to a DVD burner is the speed at which a DVD burns compared to a CD. Most DVD burners can burn at 1,352 Kilobytes per second whereas a CD drive burns at only 150 Kilobytes per second.

A third reason to consider upgrading to a DVD burner is the ability of some DVD burners to be able to burn a normal CD. However, this opposite is not true with CD burners being able to burn a DVD.

Based on this, there seems to be fewer reasons why anyone would not want to upgrade to a DVD burner.

What is a DVD Burner?

Can't Copy Hollywood?

The one of-a-kind place is doing it's best to make sure its DVDs stay that way too. With scramble codes and laws aimed at stopping DVD piracy. Recently, the studios had to deal with devastating blows like DVD copying software hitting the markets. The makers claim they are helping consumers create back-ups for their beloved movie classics. However, don't think you too can rock this system by using this technology to share movies over the net. The software creators have made it so each file you create is traceable back to it's author – you.

What is a CD Burner?

Software that gives you the best burn:

For the best cd burn it's not only important to have the right drive, but the right software as well. Programs like Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD 8 OEM are great because they are very affordable and can do a multitude of tasks. A good program can read almost any type of file you need copied. Handle burning at higher speeds. Plus, it can even offer up extras like a slide show presentation for your photos.

What is a DVD Burner?

The DVD-Burner breakdown

Video and Beta battled years ago and the victor was pretty clear. With DVD Burning formats the winner isn't so obvious. Today, there are 3 (count ‘em) 3 popular formats for copying DVDs methods- DVD-RAM, DVD-RW & DVD+RW. The main problem is the differences aren't so clear cut. Also, some DVD players might not accept every format. Your best bet is to go with burners that can handle all 3 methods like the Panasonic SW-9581.

What is a DVD Burner?

Voila! Video to DVD

Weddings, graduation, 3rd grade plays. There are tons of video memories of years past worthy of making it to DVD. However, before you break out the tapes make sure you have the following. A USB cable - This will be your mode of transferring the actual video from your camera or VCR to your desktop. Digitizing software – this program will be responsible for converting the data into the correct format to burn a DVD.

What is a DVD Burner?


Today, when it comes to recording your kid's t-ball game you've got choices. Video, Mini-DV, DVDs & Mpeg recorders. They all offer unique advantages. DVD camcorders and Mpeg cameras make it easier to download to the computer for DVD burning. However, mini DV and video tapes are more affordable and more abundant right now. Plus, mpeg-corders don't even have as high a picture quality. So, until the playing fields level out figure out what benefit is most important to you before you make your purchase.

My friend mentioned I should use LightScribe. What is it and how do I use it?


Hewlett Packard has gained an increase in popularity with people who create DVDs or CDs with the introduction of their LightScribe software.

LightScribe makes it possible to burn a label onto a CD or DVD using a regular laser beam. By using LightScribe you are able to customize the CD or DVD you created and give it a professional looking appearance.

As a result of the popularity the software has created, the editors of the magazine “Popular Science” awarded Hewlett Packard with the “Best Of What's New” award for creating the LightScribe software.

What is a CD Burner?

What is a CD Burner?

When people refer to copying a CD as burning they're actually give an accurate description of the process. It doesn't matter if it's a dissertation on Socrates or a compilation of your favorite 80s hair band metal song. It's all done the same way. CD Writers are basically juiced up CD players which gives then the power to literally engrave any type of data onto a CD. To make sure your burn goes smoothly make sure you have quit out of all of your other applications.

How do CD burners actually work?

How Do CD Burners Work?

We already know that CD burners copy data onto a CD, but how does this process actually happen?

Basically a CD player will use a laser to read the tracks on a CD reading from the inside to the outside. The tracks and spaces in between will look like “hills and valleys” to the laser beam. Instead of having a “hills and valleys” design to them, recordable CDs are completely flat with a dyed surface. When the laser beam runs over them, their translucent dyed surface turns from a shiny color to a dull opaque color forming “hills and valleys” on the recordable CD that resemble the “hills and valleys” on the original CD.

What is a DVD Burner?

Dawn of the DVD

The days of reel-to-reel movies have long since vanished. First, came video cameras and tapes. Then, with the advent of digital technology DVDs became the optimal method of choice. Unlike tapes, DVDs can be played over and over with no damage. Plus they are much easier to store than their boxy counterparts. When shopping for DVD burners, here are two big factors . Compatibility, if what you burn will play on DVD players. Plus, the speed you can burn a DVD. Burners like AOpen / 2.4x DVD+R DL satisfy both needs, and won't burn up all of your cash.

What exactly is Nero 7?

Popular CD Burning Software: Nero 7 Ultra Edition

Nero 7 Ultra Edition is another popular burning software. It retails for approximately $80 and gives the user the ability to burn CDs, DVDs, and create home videos while providing full audio, photo, and video support.

After installation, to burn an audio CD in Nero 7 Ultra Edition software, start by clicking on the music Audio symbol on the Nero StartSmart page.

This will open up the Audio page with options to choose from such as “Make Audio CD,” “Play Audio,” and “Convert Audio CDs to Nero Digital Audio”.

Choose the “Make Audio CD” button, then select “Add” button to add the songs you want to burn.

The next steps are to choose from pertain to how you would like the CD burned. Make sure to give your CD a title, and select the "Write Method".

Afterwards, selecting the number of copies, choose “Burn” to begin making your audio CD.

What is a CD Burner?

Don't be a speed demon

Technology has made it is possible to burn all 40 of your all-time favorite love ballads in under 4 minutes. These days burners can run at 12X, 24X…even blistering speeds of 48x. So technically you can burn about 700mbs worth of data in about 90seconds. Though at higher speeds you might not end up with the end result you were hoping for. So to avoid any data saving mishaps, set your CD Burner at the recommended speed for that CD.

What is a CD Burner?

To erase or not to erase

The difference between being able to re-burn & re-burn information onto a CD is about one letter. A CD-R is a CD you can record information on only once. While the CD-RW, you can do as many rewrites as you want. The advantage might be obvious. However, CD-RW disks tend to be a bit pricier. Also, not all CD drives can read these disks. So do some hardware research before you buy & burn.

How can I use windows media player?

Popular CD Burning Software: Windows Media Player

Some people might be surprised to find out they already possess CD burning software on their computer. As a component of Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Media Player already possesses the ability to burn and create your own CDs.

To burn a CD in the latest version of Windows Media Player, you should have a CD burner drive, a recordable or rewritable CD, and the CD or music you would like to copy.

Start by opening Windows Media Player on the desktop. Next click on “Library” and then click on the name of the playlist you would like to copy.

Afterward click on “Burn List”. You can drag songs from the Contents window to the List window. After have a list of songs that you would like to burn, place a blank recordable CD into your CD burner and click “Start Burn”, making sure the computer is burning an audio CD.

What is a CD Burner?

Are you in or out?

Most of the computers of yesteryear are not blessed with internal burners. In this case you can purchase an external burner. Ones like the TDK VeloCD / 52x24x48x CD-RW are high quaility, yet not too high priced. Though, you should take in to account external burners have a slower burning time. However, on the plus side it can go from computer to computer with no problems.

What is Blu-ray?

The Future Is Blu

In the past two years we have seen a major shift towards the high definition market. From televisions to camcorders and gaming consoles to computers, high definition is becoming the standard. The new Blu-ray disc format will mean major changes to both desktop and laptop computers. Now that Blu-ray, developed by Sony and the Blu-ray Disc Association, has defeated rival Toshiba's HD DVD, these drives are going to be popping up everywhere.

Standard dual-layer DVDs can hold 8.5GB of data. Blu-ray single-layer discs can hold 25GB of data, while dual-layer discs can store 50GB. The BDA has also hinted at 100 and 200GB discs on the horizon. Imagine what can be stored on these discs in comparison to what DVD users are used to. With more and more high definition content becoming available online, standard DVDs are just too small. Blu-ray offers high definition, more storage, and the drives can also read and write DVD as well.

Blu-ray is able to store so much more than its predecessor because of the way the disc is read. Regular CD/DVD drives use a red laser to read the data stored in the “pits” circling the disc. Blu-ray uses a blue laser, which is much finer and can more accurately pinpoint spots on the disc. As a result, more pits can be added to these discs, leading to high definition content like 1080p resolution and uncompressed audio tracks. This new format also has a special scratch-resistant coating that makes it durable and long-lasting.

These drives are leading to higher quality monitors and audio components to show off the format's true power, thus advancing many aspects of personal computers for tomorrow. Check out for more info, great prices and same day shipping options.

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