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Looking for a cool case for your system?

Gaming System Cases

Cases for gaming computers are a far cry from what they used to be. They are more sleek and stylized than they once were, while at the same time boasting major improvements in ventilation and noise reduction.

It is now possible to run a fast and powerful computer in a case that looks cool and can handle the heat. Airflow has been improved to allow a stream of cooling air through the front while hot air exits through the rear of the case. The use of rubber mounting pieces and washers dampens the noise commonly associated with gaming systems.

Take a look online and you will see an array of gaming computer cases that combine these enhanced features with the ATX form factor and impressive color and lighting schemes. You can get one for as low as $60 or get the top cases for just over $200.

Do you want to build the best gaming computer you can think of?

Building a Gaming Computer

If you want to build the ultimate gaming computer from the ground up, a good place to start is with a motherboard/CPU bundle. Check online for bundles designed as a base for serious media machines.

There are bundles with plenty of RAM capability and support for the latest graphics cards from top name brands. Grab one of those and you are on your way. Then start adding the components you need to build that ultimate gaming computer that will blow away any store-bought machine. Computer games will never seem the same again.

Follow that up with an LCD screen that will put your computer's full power on display and immerse yourself in the best possible gaming experience. Check out the Nvidia bundles for a good and affordable place to start on your way to that dream machine.

What is a gaming hardware?

The Graphic Nature of Games

Software companies know great graphics equals a great gaming experience. So to enjoy the fruits that these gaming guys labored over you need the right video card. When shopping for the card, make sure you get the right amount of memory. While 32mb might work, you won't get to experience the intense graphics as well as with a 64, 128 or even a 256mb card. Also, make sure your card is at the level of the PowerColor Radeon 9250. Equipped with cutting edge technology that can handle all the new 3-D graphic advances. So you can really get into your game.

What is a gaming hardware?

Looking for the right sound card

Sound also plays an important role when playing games. So if you want to make sure you're hearing the best blast possible you may want to invest in a new sound card. The newest cards have a wavetable synthesizer that gives a more realistic sound to effects and songs. When shopping for a sound card, make sure it is compatible with all types of games. Plus, to really turn the sound quality up a notch -- think powerful computer speakers.

What is a gaming hardware?

Game gear

If you were just trying to eat some pellets and ghosts you'd have no problems. However, the complexity of games today demands powerful gaming hardware. Not only to handle your games, but also to handle your opponents. Not having the speed means slower reaction time, which of course could guarantee you a quicker death. However, the good news is you don't need to go component crazy trying to put together the perfect gaming system yourself. Most manufacturers are already starting to fulfill gamers wishes by creating computers like the Systemax™ AMD Athlon™ 64 3200+ that are specially designed for gaming.

What is a gaming hardware?

No more Joy from that retro Joystick

The days of needing one button for “FIRE!” power are just an 8 bit dream. A long with three types of guns, are shields, power punches, rocket boosters and more. Controllers like the Logitech Freedom 2.4 GHz Cordless Joystick are perfect for handling all of these moves. Plus, it handles the cumbersome cord problem by being wireless. Though, remember if you are shopping for a wireless controller make sure it doesn't have a big lag factor like some of the earlier models had.

What is a gaming hardware?

Screen Play

Sight also plays a big part in the online gaming world. You could have the most powerful system, but if you can't tell a meteor rock from a flesh eating alien you got problems. Obviously, you need a monitor worthy of your games. The newer LCDs and Plasmas fit the bill because of their amazing picture quality compared to the older CRT models. However, size is very important too. So if you don't have the bucks to buy new and big stick with a bigger, high quality CRT screen.

Having trouble finding a good gaming computer?

Gamers Do Not Have To Settle

Are you a real gaming enthusiast but your computer does not live up to what you need? It is frustrating for a lot of people how hard it is trying to find a computer in a store that can handle the kind of functions you are looking for.

Most computers in stores are not designed to be that kind of computer. They are either business machines or basic family computers. Then you end up stuck with an expensive computer you can probably only do limited upgrades to. If you want the best experience with your system, the solution is to buy a real gaming computer. You can customize it yourself or pick from a ton of pre-built systems geared specifically towards gaming needs.

Online you can find different lighting options, and you do not have to take the stock monitor or LCD screen that comes with a store model. Pick the computer you want, then the display that will work for you and it will be much more enjoyable.

Do you not like playing games with a keyboard and mouse?

Control Your Gaming

There are tons of great computer games out there, but some people just do not like to use a mouse or keyboard to play them. These people tend to stick to playing on game consoles and lose out on the experience of so many great titles. For these people there is a simple and affordable solution.

Almost all PC video games now support gaming controllers and joysticks. Many of these products hook up to your computer with a USB cable. Now you can enjoy those games you have been wanting to play for a while. Simply plug in the controller and have that same console feel to your play on a gaming computer.

There are lots of titles that are exclusive to PC that you will not find on consoles. Now there is no reason for you to miss out on those. There are even steering wheel attachments for racing games, some of which even come with gas pedals. Others have cooling vents to increase airflow so your hands do not get sweaty after playing for a while. Most of these peripherals start at around $25. That is a small price to pay for all the great games you may be missing out on.

Do you have a sound system for your gaming computer?

Let the Sound Surround You

One of the most important, yet overlooked, elements of video gaming and home theater is surround sound. Most people who do not own a massive television think that there is no need for a surround sound system. With gaming computers surround sound makes the experience so much more entertaining.

When you have that 5.1 speaker system set up and playing a game you will notice the difference right off the bat. When someone is sneaking up on you and you hear their footsteps from behind, it is because that sound is actually coming out of the rear speakers. The proper sound system can create a 360-degree gaming environment and place you smack in the center.

The low rumble of an explosion coming out of that subwoofer will practically make you duck and cover at your desk. Gaming is as much about the audio as it is about the visual. Have one without the other and you do not have the full experience. Put them together and computer games will feel more real than ever.

Sound systems do not have to break the bank anymore. Entry level ones start at $60, while you can get top tier systems for $270. You are cheating yourself if you have a gaming computer without a worthy sound system.

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