The Future Is Blu

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What is Blu-ray?

The Future Is Blu

In the past two years we have seen a major shift towards the high definition market. From televisions to camcorders and gaming consoles to computers, high definition is becoming the standard. The new Blu-ray disc format will mean major changes to both desktop and laptop computers. Now that Blu-ray, developed by Sony and the Blu-ray Disc Association, has defeated rival Toshiba's HD DVD, these drives are going to be popping up everywhere.

Standard dual-layer DVDs can hold 8.5GB of data. Blu-ray single-layer discs can hold 25GB of data, while dual-layer discs can store 50GB. The BDA has also hinted at 100 and 200GB discs on the horizon. Imagine what can be stored on these discs in comparison to what DVD users are used to. With more and more high definition content becoming available online, standard DVDs are just too small. Blu-ray offers high definition, more storage, and the drives can also read and write DVD as well.

Blu-ray is able to store so much more than its predecessor because of the way the disc is read. Regular CD/DVD drives use a red laser to read the data stored in the “pits” circling the disc. Blu-ray uses a blue laser, which is much finer and can more accurately pinpoint spots on the disc. As a result, more pits can be added to these discs, leading to high definition content like 1080p resolution and uncompressed audio tracks. This new format also has a special scratch-resistant coating that makes it durable and long-lasting.

These drives are leading to higher quality monitors and audio components to show off the format's true power, thus advancing many aspects of personal computers for tomorrow. Check out for more info, great prices and same day shipping options.



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