Computer Monitor Maintenance

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How can I keep my monitor in good condition?

Computer Monitor Maintenance

There are many ways to ensure your computer monitor continues to work efficiently. General guidelines for caring for your monitor include:

Disconnecting it from its power source when it is not in use.

Not placing heavy items on top of the monitor

Not placing the monitor directly in the sun or allowing fluorescent lights to shine on it.

Using a soft cloth to remove dust from the screen and the back of the monitor.

Making sure the power cord is tucked away safely.

Making sure the monitor is well ventilated.



2/5/2009 4:52:59 PM
GinnieMae said:

My CRT monitor has been sitting with its back very close to a window. The colors on the screen seem to be fading. Is this because of the sunlight? Anything I can do about it?


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