Your Desktop PC and Spyware

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How can spyware affect my desktop computer?

Your Desktop PC and Spyware

Computer security has become a hot topic for many consumers. There are new viruses and programs being released everyday, which infect your computer and cause your system to crash. However, other than viruses that are actively causing a problem, many people are not aware of the multitude of spyware available. Spyware is created to take over your computer, or intercept and transmit personal information from your computer.

Spyware such as adware can enter a computer by clicking links in emails from unknown senders, included with shareware, or visiting sites with “popups”. The adware will then transmit annoying advertisements to the infected computer, and generally slow down the system as it transmits this data.

Spyware can record what you type and use this information to steal your identity.



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