The Process of Choosing a Processor

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What is the best processor for multi-tasking and media oriented machines?

The Process of Choosing a Processor

When building your own PC you want to make sure the computer kit you choose is the one best suited to handle the tasks you plan to give it. Start with the processor. Pentium computers will generally have better bus and clock speeds than Celeron, and the Intel Core 2 Quad Processor is the mother of them all. The Core 2 Quad has four execution cores in a single processor. This results in more commands being executed simultaneously and much faster, along with a dramatically faster data transfer rate.

So if you are looking to build a media machine, are a dedicated video gamer or multi-tasking business executive, this processor is the powerhouse you want to have in your machine. Play games or watch movies in high definition while downloading large quantities of data and run a virus scan at the same time. It will be a smoother ride than a Volvo.



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