Random Access Memory

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What does RAM do?

Random Access Memory

Random Access Memory (RAM) is computer memory that allows you to multi-task. It is the memory that allows you to complete a specific job faster while doing other things too. Typing in a word processor while listening to music on your system and surfing the Web all at the same time may be taxing. Having more RAM, as well as higher quality/speed RAM, will let you run multiple programs at one time and minimize any lag or delay in their performance. It can also seriously cut down on your boot time.

Whether building your own computer or buying one in a store or online, remember to check how much RAM the system is packing. Anything less than 2GB is not recommended. That number used to be much lower, but with advancements in both hardware, software and newer operating systems, 2GB is the bare minimum. If you go the 4 or 8GB route you will see a huge difference in your computer's performance. It's memory the size of an elephant.



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