Cleaning an LCD

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How do you clean an LCD?

Cleaning an LCD

Cleaning your LCD display is going to be a little bit different than the old CRT monitor. Older monitors could be sprayed with Windex or water and wiped down until they sparkled. LCD displays are much more sensitive, though. Windex and water can do more harm than good on an LCD.

To clean your new flat screen you want to use a very soft cloth as opposed to paper towel. There are cleaning solutions designed specifically for LCD screens that will not harm them. Monster ScreenClean works best. These cleaning solutions remove dust and fingerprints from the screen better than glass cleaner, providing a brighter surface.

When cleaning your LCD flat screen, make sure not to press down too hard with your hand. This can damage the screen and leave areas of dead pixels on the display. Solutions that contain alcohol can be corrosive and should be avoided as well.



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